We are proud to be a Purple Tuesday 2023 Founding Global Sponsor, supporting a global movement to improve the customer experience for millions of individuals living with disabilities. We invite everyone to join us in celebration on 7 November 2023 sharing your #IAmYourCustomer #PurpleTuesday photos and videos on your social channels.
We believe that the Sunflower complements Purple Tuesday perfectly. By wearing the Sunflower lanyard or displaying the symbol, individuals with non-visible disabilities can easily identify themselves and receive the support they need from the businesses that take part in Purple Tuesday. The Sunflower provides a way for businesses to signal their commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Our Purple Tuesday 2023 pledge

At Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, we're always striving to expand our knowledge and understanding of non-visible disabilities. As part of our commitment to continuous learning, we're excited to announce that our Purple Tuesday 2023 pledge is to continue to build on the knowledge and awareness of our team through training on specific conditions.

Starting in November, we'll be inviting a charity that advocates for a specific non-visible disability to present to our team each month. These presentations will not only provide us with valuable knowledge but also allow us to reflect on how we can help break down barriers individuals may encounter in society. But we won't keep this knowledge to ourselves. We'll share what we learn through our invisible disability index, which is packed with valuable information about specific conditions and practical workplace adjustments that can make a positive difference.


Remember, with the Sunflower and Purple Tuesday, it's not just about the lanyard or taking one day to focus on accessibility - it's about creating an ongoing movement towards inclusion. By joining forces, we can make it easier for individuals with non-visible disabilities to feel seen, heard, and valued in their everyday lives. Let's continue to work together towards creating a world that is accessible, understanding, and inclusive for all.