Growing awareness of the Sunflower

For many people, the Sunflower starts a journey to learn more about the many non-visible health conditions that exist and how they can significantly impact people’s lives. The success of the Sunflower comes down to awareness of what it represents. As well as the many businesses that join every week and train their workforce about what the Sunflower is, why someone may choose to wear it and how to interact with wearers - awareness is also driven by the Sunflower community, telling their friends and families, and sometimes strangers they meet who enquire ‘why are you wearing that?'

Our aim is to increase knowledge and recognition of the Sunflower and what it represents to improve the everyday experiences of those living with an invisible disability, health condition or chronic illness. The inclusion of each Sunflower wearer rests purely on everyone around them being aware of what the Sunflower represents and knowing that the support they provide starts with a simple question 'how can I help you?.   

What does a Sunflower Friend do?

Sunflower Friends keep the title for a year and meet with the Sunflower team approximately four times during that period. They are a sounding board for new ideas; they present different views and opinions and help shape our narrative in our ever-changing and evolving world.

They put the Sunflower to the test by sharing their experiences of wearing it and the interactions they encounter – and that helps us to evolve the Sunflower.

Do you want to be a Sunflower Friend?

Complete the form below to apply (you need to be over 18 years ofd and a UK resident to apply):