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It's IDPwD 2023!

It's IDPwD 2023!

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2023 is a renewed opportunity to reassert our dedication towards forging a society that is both accessible and inclusive to everyone. It is not merely a day but a year-round commitment to eliminating...
  1. It's IDPwD 2023!
    Dec 03, 2023
  2. Our Purple Tuesday 2023 pledge
  3. Navigating PIP: a guide
  4. Brazilian musician Alceu Valença’s song 'Girassol'  is the soundtrack of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower campaign
  5. Half of workplaces lack features to ease menopause and menstruation symptoms
  6. The global Sunflower Community
  7. From Chile to New York! Follow a journey using the Sunflower
  8. Sport is the equalizer at the Special Olympics World Games
  9. Autism – the growing number of late diagnoses
  10. Invisible disabilities and the world's longest lanyard
  11. Are you onboard for the Sunflower takeoff?
  12. Please give me space
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