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  1. Yorkshire Ambulance Service joins the Sunflower network!
  2. Parkinson's with Eve Jensch
  3. Lexington, Kentucky is Sunflower Friendly
  4. PIP Professionals (PIPPS) introduces the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
  5. Carlow Libraries join the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
  6. Yorkshire Building Society Supports Customers and Colleagues with Hidden Disabilities
  7. Austim and ADHD Clare and Matilda Kemp
  8. Autism
    Mar 25, 2024
  9. Hidden Disabilities Sunflower launches in Mauritius
  10. Optic Nerve Glioma with Karina Smith and Michelle Culbert
  11. Naidex 2024
    Mar 11, 2024
  12. Comic Con Portugal is the first to become Sunflower-friendly
  13. Eating Disorders, Autism and ADHD with Adam Fare
  14. Learning Disabilities with Dorothy Watson and Marcus Tanner, The Sunnybank Trust
  15. Parceiro Regional - Brasil | Brasil Solidário
  16. Uber Brazil launches the Sunflower for their employees
  17. Clifford Chance signs up to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
  18. Hamburg Airport introduces the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
  19. Aurigny staff support passengers with hidden disabilities with the Sunflower
  20. Atlas Travels announces it has joined the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.
  21. Breaking barriers: Embracing inclusion in learning environments
  22. Eating Disorders with Zoe Summers, BEAT UK
  23. HSBC joins the Sunflower program in the UAE
  24. Goring Hall Hospital Joins the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to Foster Inclusivity in Healthcare
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