Please give me space

'Please give me space' indicates to everyone that the person wearing the sign needs help to maintain a distance from others.

It was initially created in partnership with the RNIB to support people with disabilities to maintain social distancing during the pandemic.

The use of the emblem has since evolved to encompass other health benefits. It helps people with various health conditions, such as sensory issues - sight and hearing, neurodiversity - particularly for those on the autism spectrum who don’t like to be touched or have their space encroached on, people who have dementia who may become confused and don’t feel comfortable with strangers getting too close, patients or individuals with low immune systems who need to avoid picking up viruses and for those who experience anxiety.

What does it look like?

It is a yellow circle with the outline of a character in black print, with arrows pointing out on either side. The wording says, ‘please give me space’.

It can be worn as a lanyard, pin badge, tabard, face mask, snood or ID badge that can be easily clipped to a Sunflower lanyard if desired.

It is also available as an icon that you can opt to include on the personalised Sunflower cards.

Where can I wear it?

It has been designed as a non-verbal communication tool, so if it is visible, those around will understand and make space for the wearer.

As with the Sunflower, we don’t require any proof of disability to wear it. We encourage you to if you feel it would benefit and support you.

Please note that it doesn’t give the wearer access to queue jump or discounts.