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Founded in late summer 2022, Eve Bliss is a Hong Kong research-backed functional wellness brand designed especially for city dwellers.
After the brand’s first product - Eve Recovery Soda, Eve Bliss is devoted to continually offering different products that help people prepare for the day ahead and recuperate after a long night in order for them to have the capacity to enjoy life fully.

Born amidst a mental health crisis stemming from the global pandemic, Eve Bliss was founded on the belief that conscious living starts with being present. In our overstimulated and hyper critical world, we need a reminder to bask in the moment – to pause and celebrate the little things that we feel grateful for despite all. So we can stay motivated and balanced for ourselves and for our communities.

Making physical and mental well-being solutions more fun, social, accessible and culturally relevant is always at the forefront of Eve Bliss’s brand mission. Whilst the brand strives for the goal through its products, talks, and events, Eve Bliss partners with other organizations with aligned values, professional knowledge and expertise to provide the right educational information, platforms, and tools to its audiences to combat and understand different mental and neurological health challenges.

Amy Tsien

“Everyone is unique. A healthy body, mind, and soul grant us the capacity to embrace ourselves and support others. Good health starts in the individual and ends with the community. Choose wisely starting with your daily habits and routine.” - Amy Tsien

Amy Tsien has always been in the retail industry in the past ten years. Prior to founding the functional wellness brand Eve Bliss, she has worked across the fashion luxury goods, multinational beauty brands, and wellness and health foods sectors. Her experience has allowed her to see the unique speaking power physical products subtly have: the motivational texts on a t-shirt; the importance of sustainability printed on a moisturizer jar. When we see strong messages on products that are part of our daily routine, the content inevitably starts to sink in and resonate with us. So when she chartered her company in 2021, she began her journey of striving to create more than just another healthy or “feel good” product series, but a brand that continually inspires people to tune into their bodies and minds for themselves and their communities.

Amy worked as a brand manager of a supplements and health food wellness trading start-up for close to five years before Eve Bliss. This brought her to fields and tradeshows in Japan – the queen country of supplements. Amazed by the quality of the ingredients and the physical and nootropic benefits they can bring, Amy was disappointed how the conventional product forms and marketing have often failed to appeal to Gen Z and others with a modern and busy lifestyle to start their wellness journey early. Amy was then inspired to create the brand with the mission to break the taboo of wellbeing solutions being boring and aged by: Producing healthy products that are more fun and enjoyable; and curating communities and trend-forward events that unconventionally draw attention to physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

She has thence been featured in South China Morning Post, Tatler, Female Entrepreneur Worldwide, ShopStream, The Millennial Source, and other media channels.
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