Sydney Airport

To mark World Autism Awareness month, Sydney Airport reskinned their acronym, SYD, at the entrance to the airport, in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower brand.

90% of disabilities in Australia are not visible. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a simple tool to help certain disabilities become more visible. By wearing a Sunflower lanyard or wristband at SYD, airport colleagues are able to recognise that someone may require assistance as they make their way through the airport.

NSW Transport

New South Wales Transport launched the Sunflower during April. This means that rail travel should now be more accessible for anyone with a hidden disability living in, or travelling through, New South Wales. Sunflower lanyards are available online, or from Broadmeadow and Newcastle stations, and will be recognised at all Hunter stations.

To support the launch, the Sunflower was featured on the NBN News. NBN provided great insight into how the Sunflower is used and why it is needed to support people with hidden disabilities.

Thanks to Transport for NSW and Sydney Trains for their advocacy for people with hidden disabilities.


Hidden Disabilities Sunflower ANZ sponsor the AITCAP 2023 conference on the Gold Coast

The Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference in the Asia-Pacific (AITCAP) is a yearly event that provides the tourism sector (including: businesses, tour operators, policy makers, DMOs) with an opportunity to learn how to cater to the accessibility market while also providing a space for the sector to connect with one another and work towards the common goal of inclusivity.

The 2023 conference program was built around the desire to deliver tangible takeaways so that people in attendance can start immediately on their journey towards more accessibility & inclusion in tourism. Change can indeed start now.

There were a thought-provoking mix of keynote speaches and practical workshops including Sandee from Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Australia & New Zealand who demonstrated how the sector can cater for people with hidden disabilities! Sandee provided ideas on how to build better destinations, make travel more accessible and promote inclusivity in the industry.

What is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower?


We think Max has nailed it! Thanks for sharing Max. We hope that the Sunflower continues to help you.