Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, which promotes the Sunflower as the symbol of non-visible disabilities and conditions, now features the voice and poetry of Alceu Valença in a campaign aired on social media to promote empathy, respect, and inclusion. 

The song "Girassol" (which means sunflower in Portuguese),  is a vibrant musical piece released in 1987 and is known for its powerful message of love. ‘Girassol ’ adds rhythm and reinforces the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower symbol as representative of invisible disabilities and conditions. The Sunflower suggests happiness, positivity, strength, as well as growth and confidence, and is universally recognized. 

The campaign created by Hidden Disabilities Sunflower was released on its social platforms on October 9,  2023, and features the projection of the Sunflower symbol on the Christ the Redeemer Sanctuary in Rio de Janeiro. The movie was recorded on July 17, 2023, the same day as the Sunflower lanyard became the official symbol of identification for people with non-visible disabilities in Brazil (Law No. 14,624). In 2007, the 220 steps leading to the foot of the famous statue, Christ the Redeemer was elected as one of the Seven Wonders of the World by the Swiss Institution New 7 Wonders Foundation.  

Alceu Valença and Girassol

Alceu Valença, a successful Brazilian singer and songwriter, is recognized for his significant contributions to Brazilian music over several decades, by creating a unique musical style that mixes his northeastern roots and contemporary MPB grooves, Alceu expressed his honour in seeing his music associated with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. He shared:

"Music has the power to touch hearts and bring people together. I hope 'Girassol' can inspire everyone who listens to it to support the Official Sunflower Lanyard project and spread empathy and respect for inclusion throughout the world." 


While touring Europe, the artist received the teams from Hidden Disabilities Sunflower in various countries, including Annette Cmela, CMO  in London, who said:

"We are very honoured to have this iconic work as the soundtrack to our Hidden Disabilities Sunflower campaign,"

The Sunflower is intended for someone to indicate that they have a non-visible disability or condition, whether chronic or temporary and that they may need additional support, understanding or more time. The Sunflower lanyards are available to purchase from the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower website.  You can also collect a free lanyard from a number of our Sunflower Business Members.  

In addition to raising awareness about hidden disabilities, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower offers training and education to both public and private companies to support people with non-visible disabilities as well as ] encouraging conversations about hidden disabilities in the corporate environment.  

*The lanyards cannot be resold. 

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About the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower 

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a global initiative with the aim to promote inclusion and accessibility for people with hidden disabilities.  Simply by wearing the Sunflower people around will know someone is indicating that they have a disability or condition that is not immediately apparent to others and that they may need extra help, understanding, or just more time.