It has been brought to our attention there have been comments made on social media about the misuse of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. A number of social media users have claimed people are fraudulently using our Sunflower lanyard as a way of demonstrating their exemption from wearing face masks and that we, as a company, support that. We in no way condone the misuse of our Sunflower lanyard and find it distressing it might be used for this purpose. As a company, we work to champion the rights of people with hidden disabilities and establish the use of the lanyard as a way of helping people signal their disability and get recognition and support from the public. Our business is about good faith. We do not ask for proof of the wearer’s disability, as some are yet to be diagnosed, or have conditions that are difficult to diagnose. This is one of our core values, supported by our customers and the partner organisations we work with. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is designed to discreetly indicate the wearer or someone with them has a hidden disability, if that is not you then please desist from wearing our Sunflower lanyard. We would also ask people to refrain from falsely claiming our company is benefitting from this misuse. Any fraudulent use of the Sunflower negates the good work we have done to support people with hidden disabilities. If you can wear a face covering, please follow the Government’s advice to wear face coverings where it is stipulated to do so.