We are delighted that Napes Airport (GESAC) have launched the Sunflower as part of their goal to make the airport experience better for everyone.

Since 2003 GESAC has worked with representative organizations of people with disabilities, first in the progressive adaptation of the structures, starting from the parking lots and external paths, then, following the issue of the European Regulation EC 1107/06 on Rights of Persons with Reduced Mobility in Air Travel, in the design of assistance services for boarding and disembarking people with disabilities, in staff training, up to the study of processes, the development of procedures and the adaptation of equipment, as well as '' development of service quality standards.

In July 2012, following a collaboration that lasted almost ten years, GESAC and FISH (Italian Federation of Handicap Overcoming) signed a memorandum of understanding, based on an approach that respects human rights - as provided for by the International Convention on rights. of people with disabilities of the United Nations - and on social inclusion, in order to achieve the highest standards of quality and attention to passenger rights at the Naples International Airport. The collaboration agreement between GESAC and FISH is implemented through an operational plan defined annually.