Diversity, equity and inclusion runs through everything we do as we help to create a world where people living with disabilities thrive in the workplace and in our communities. As a company with a global presence, we nurture a culture where differences are celebrated and everyone is welcome to be themselves, belong and have a voice that impacts the business. 


Chantal Boyle

“Many of us can’t imagine what a day in the life of someone with a disability is like – through the work we're doing, here at Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, we are educating both ourselves and others while increasing public awareness about the challenges that some people face.”

Communications Manager - UK, Chantal Boyle, is responsible for our social media channels in the UK and manages the Sunflower Conversations, our weekly podcast that delivers a deeper understanding of the Sunflower's role in supporting people with non-visible disabilities. 

Prior to this, Chantal was a Corporate Responsibility Executive where she managed community and staff engagement for the shopping centre landlord, intu.

Annette Cmela

"Little things like an offer of help when you need it can make a huge difference and start to help break down obstacles to being able to pursue your dreams."

Chief Brand Officer, Annette Cmela, is responsible for creating and accelerating the Sunflower's marketing strategy and brand recognition across the globe. She is focused on driving the company's vision of improving accessibility for people with non-apparent disabilities using the Sunflower. Annette believes that the world we live in should be accessible to everyone so that we can all fully participate and contribute without social, virtual, or environmental barriers. 

Prior to this, Annette served as Global Head of Brand and Design at Canaccord Genuity, a global financial services company.

Rob Kelly

"Everyone should not only be treated equally but given the opportunity and assistance needed to be equal. No one should be left out regardless of ability, gender, race, or culture."

Operations Manager, Rob Kelly, manages the company’s finances, operational systems and customer service desk.

Rob previously held management positions within the hospitality industry until eight years ago when he began working in finance, administration, and operations.

Rebecca Mears

"Supporting people with non-visible disabilities is important to me as I have friends and family with hidden conditions which has caused me to appreciate the daily challenges they face. From a young age, I have helped support my mum who has a non-visible disability."

Customer Services Executive, Rebecca Mears, deals with all of our customer enquiries ensuring queries, questions or issues are resolved.

Rebecca previously worked for a leading IT company in the escalations department. She has also worked in large businesses in the private sector handling a wide range of account, technical and legal queries.


Ruth Rabet

"Having a non-visible disability dramatically affects how people perform in everyday life and the nature of the disability makes it difficult for other people to recognise them."

Business Development Director, Ruth Rabét, raises awareness among businesses and other organisations throughout the UK. Ruth is also responsible for the growing network of global airports that have adopted the Sunflower.

Prior to this, Ruth spent 35 years working in Aviation holding various roles in Airline Operations. Her final 5 years were spent managing the Assistance Team at Gatwick Airport, a role that would see her play an integral part in creating the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower."


Paul Shriever

"Working as part of the Sunflower team is important to me to improve public awareness and understanding of people living with non-visible disabilities."

Production and Moving Image Designer, Paul Shriever, is the creator of our animations and training videos.  Paul previously worked at a number of award-winning brand consultancies Wolff Olins and The Clearing to name a few.



Rachel Solomon

"It is important to me to  improve public perception and understanding that not all disabilities are visible, in fact, 80% are hidden. By improving public awareness and empathy, we can hopefully create a kinder society."

PR and Communications Consultant, Rachel Solomon, supports our media enquiries, copywriting, and marketing campaigns.

Before she was a freelance consultant, Rachel spent her marketing career working in the financial services sector for several large financial institutions.


Paul White

"I have a genuine desire to ensure that the wearers of the Sunflower receive the patience, care and understanding they may need throughout their day, by whoever they meet, wherever they may travel."

CEO, Paul White, was part of the original team that founded the Sunflower back in 2016 and is passionate about raising awareness of the Sunflower on a global level. 

Previously, Paul was Managing Director of Tabbers Green, a printing and related services business based in the UK.