Bayley House specialises in supporting people with intellectual disabilities live a full, engaged life

We are a disability Support provider located in Melbourne, Australia and we are passionate about supporting adults with intellectual disabilities to develop their unique capabilities and live rich and meaningful lives.

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As a for-purpose organisation with experience spanning seventy years, we are passionate about supporting adults with intellectual disabilities to develop their unique capabilities and live rich and meaningful lives. 

The vibrant Bayley House community brings passion and commitment to disability advocacy, skills development, independence and self-determination. Bayley House is proud to partner with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to support people across Australia and New Zealand who are living with a hidden disability to receive the support they require, when and where they require it.


Hidden Disabilities Sunflower packing provides a range of skill-based learning opportunities, such as reading and processing orders, I.T skills, counting, sorting, communication skills, problem solving, and teamwork. Practical skill development along with education obtained through certificate courses, and travel training, further equip Bayley House participants with the skills to enable volunteer work experience placements. Bayley House skill development and training creates a pathway to building independence and inclusion for the people we proudly support.

We currently stock a small range of Sunflower products in Australia and New Zealand to ensure that the Bayley House skill development program works effectively to deliver your order accurately and on time.Sandee Facy, who represent the Sunflower at Bayley House, says: 

A highlight for me personally is seeing the full circle of the Sunflower eco-system and how it impacts Bayley House and our clients. As part of their skill development in employment training, the Bayley House clients with intellectual disabilities enjoy packing orders for Sunflower customers and managing the inventory. I believe in serving a purpose that impacts lives daily & the Sunflower has a huge impact empowering people with hidden disabilities and providing an easier, more comfortable approach to everyday challenges that may occur for some.”

Justin Bruce, Marketing General Manager, Bayley House comments, 

One person and one business at a time we are working towards a community that moves beyond accepting into celebrating differences to ensure inclusion and contribution for all.”

Warwick Cavanagh, CEO of Bayley House states, 

“I love that the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme is all about community; helping people with disabilities access mainstream services and in doing so helping the broader community to appreciate the skills which people with disabilities have to offer!”

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