Diversity, equity and inclusion runs through everything we do as we help to create a world where people living with disabilities thrive in the workplace and in our communities. As a company with a global presence, we nurture a culture where differences are celebrated and everyone is welcome to be themselves, belong and have a voice that impacts the business.


Meet our people in the United States



Lynn Smith

I am dedicated to helping to remove the barriers people with non-visible disabilities face every day by making the Sunflower a national symbol for non-apparent disabilities throughout the US.

Regional Director - United States, Lynn Smith has been involved since 2020 with the Sunflower program, creating awareness, managing products and distribution, and helping companies implement the Sunflower throughout their organizations.   

Lynn is also the CMO for The Sourcing Group, the previous North American partner for the Hidden Disabilities program.  She is dedicated to making the Sunflower a national symbol for non-visible disabilities throughout the US. 

Holly Tyrer

“Post-injury I struggle with extreme sensory sensitivity, migraines, anxiety and other deficits, none of which can be seen. I faced daily challenges when out in public. Now, as a Sunflower wearer, I know first-hand what a difference having a visible indicator makes to my daily life. I am thrilled to be part of the Sunflower team and help spread awareness across the United States.”

Communications Manager - United States Holly Tyrer is responsible for the US social media channels and Sunflower launch support for US businesses.

Holly was previously a producer for the Oprah Winfrey Network where she was responsible for creating digital content. Prior to joining the Sunflower, Holly was a Script Supervisor in Hollywood working in film and television.

After sustaining a brain injury in March 2019, Holly was unable to continue her Hollywood career but during her recovery discovered Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. 

Rebecca Mears

"Supporting people with non-visible disabilities is important to me as I have friends and family with hidden conditions which has caused me to appreciate the daily challenges they face. From a young age, I have helped support my mum who has a non-visible disability."

Customer Services Executive Rebecca Mears, deals with all of our customer enquiries ensuring queries, questions or issues are resolved.

Rebecca previously worked for a leading IT company in the escalations department. She has also worked in large businesses in the private sector handling a wide range of account, technical and legal queries.