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Regional Partner - USA | AbleVu

By Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Press releases Share

AbleVu makes it easy for people of all abilities to easily find businesses that meet their accessibility needs. AbleVu is an information platform that includes: virtual tours, photos, text information, listed accessibility features, business contact information, and the opportunity for users to anonymously ask questions prior to visiting.

"The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program holds a special place in my heart from my time as both an in-home aid and a special education teacher. I have been in public places,on many occasions) with a child that was having a difficult time coping; people yelled at me, judged me, and made assumptions without asking any questions or offering help. This program creates awareness and empathy in a world where we desperately need to support one another.

"AbleVu and the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program are a natural fit together. Both are rooted in a passion that started with helping those with hidden disabilities in the community, but both serve a larger population and purpose helping people of many varying abilities. We are honored to partner with their program and share it with our users and businesses."

Meegan Winters, Founder and CEO of AbleVu


Our partnership with AbleVu extends our drive to make the world accessible to individuals with hidden disabilities. Knowing that you will be supported simply by wearing the Sunflower is important to many in our Sunflower community so we are excited that they can now easily find detailed information about the locations they plan to visit.

***AbleVu does NOT rate, judge or audit spaces for meeting specific criteria but would be happy to recommend other businesses if this is part of your inclusion planning. 

Visit AbleVu for more information here

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