Every business, organisation or charity that has signed up to the Sunflower, and committed to training their staff, is listed on our locator map to enable wearers to find Sunflower friendly places to shop, exercise, be entertained or travel with. As a Standard, Professional or Corporate Sunflower Member you're also able to add your logo, contact details, a description and photos of your organisation, list your accessibility features and let our wearers know if they can pick up a Sunflower product from you. These extra details really help our wearers make informed choices about where to go and how to get there. The added information also enables our wearers to adequately prepare for their visit. The additional detail also help you stand out on the map!

Add some imagery, your logo and a description

We think that schuh, a footwear retailer, selling over 80 brands, including: Converse, Vans, UGG, Nike, Adidas as well as its own schuh label, are a great example of how to make the most of this new functionality. At each of their 132 locations across the UK and Ireland, they've included their logo and some engaging brand imagery that appeals to their target market. Within their description they've managed to tell our Sunflower wearers what the schuh brand is all about, the types of shoe people can expect to find at their stores and some additional information about special offers, specific to their target market:

At schuh, we’re all about shoes, expressing yourself, and expressing yourself through shoes - so no surprises there. We stock the best from big brands like Nike, adidas, Dr. Martens and Converse. We also love a gem or two from new brands and we’ve got our own brand. But don’t worry, if your item isn’t available in store our staff can order it for you. Plus, you’ll now find schuh kids in every store: it’s schuh for smaller feet. Same awesome brands, just littler. Plus we offer: 1 year to return shoes that just aren’t meant to be, 10% student discount year round, even in the sale! Free Click and collect.

Demonstrate how accessible you are

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Accessibility icons.

Did you know that you can now add accessibility icons to your space on the Sunflower location map? These icons are a great way to visually demonstrate what you as an organisation can do to make our Sunflower wearers' visits easier. Knowing whether there is step free access, seating, accessible parking and toilets or if you are assistance dog friendly is really important to some people within our Sunflower community. Some organisations, such as schuh's Sterling branch, also offer quieter hours shopping. This means that every Sunday between 10-11am the shop keeps noise to a minimum and there are less people in the store. Crowded, noisy places are often not places that some members of our Sunflower community want to be. So having a dedicated quieter time when people can visit is extremely valuable.

This is your space to be 

This really is your space to bring your business to life and be discovered by our Sunflower wearers. A space for you to stand out, bring your business to life through photos, demonstrate how accessible you are, tell your story, reveal your events and promotions. What are you waiting for, log into your account and ensure you're making the most of your membership.

Please be aware that the benefits mentioned here apply to organisations that have subscribed to our Standard, Professional or Corporate Sunflower Members. If you'd like to upgrade your membership to take advantage of the benefits discussed here please visit: https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/company/account/create/