As part of our ongoing efforts to promote inclusivity and support individuals with hidden disabilities, we are delighted to announce that Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) has been approved as an exclusive centre for the manufacture and production of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyards in the Gulf Cooperation Council states (GCC region).  ZHO’s members of determination will be manufacturing the Sunflower lanyards at ZHO's vocational rehabilitation workshops.



This agreement comes through a joint memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between ZHO and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower's Regional Partner, Topland. The Bee logo, the distinguished mark of ZHO's products, will be included on the clip of the Sunflower lanyard manufactured in the United Arab Emirates. Cooperation is also underway to conduct studies with the aim to produce Sunflower lanyards with environmentally friendly materials, including 3D-printed hooks and clips, and planning to manufacture other Sunflower products such as badges, pins, and other Sunflower items at the Bee workshops. ZHO shall provide a space within its Bahia Center to allow Topland to sort, pack and control quality. 

ZHO to produce Sunflower lanyards in the GCC

The MoU was signed by ZHO’s Secretary General H.E. Abdullah Abdul-Ali Al-Humaidan and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Regional Partner, Topland’s CEO and sole owner Mr Andy Faulkner. According to the MoU, ZHO has the exclusive right to produce Sunflower lanyards for the Gulf Cooperation Council states. Topland shall buy 10.000 lanyards from ZHO, while during the first year, 100.000 Sunflower lanyards will be made to be sold to the GCC states. Events are being prepared and held for the purpose of promotion and marketing to display and sell the product.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower originated in the United Kingdom in 2016, and has now become the globally recognized symbol for hidden disabilities and is used in a wide range of sectors around the globe, including sports, education, retail, financial services, entertainment, travel, healthcare, theatres and charities.

Paul White CEO of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower added:

“It’s simply fantastic that not only will the Sunflower be supporting People of Determination across the UAE, but will also actively support People of Determination in employment by ZHO manufacturing the Sunflower lanyards.”

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and Topland’s selection of ZHO as the first centre for the manufacture and production of Sunflower lanyards for the GCC region contributes to reducing carbon emissions by up to 800 tons of carbon emissions per shipment in the air freight field, due to UAE’s strategic location,

Al-Humaidan hailed this step of signing the MoU with Topland, which specializes in providing the latest technologies, products and services for people of determination, expressing ZHO’s deep appreciation for the company's confidence in the people of determination’s manufacture of Sunflower lanyards, to be the first centre for the production and distribution of this product across the GCC states.

For his part, Andy Faulkner said:

“Topland is pleased to cooperate with ZHO in order to start producing Sunflower lanyards for hidden disabilities to achieve a common goal of increasing happiness and social empowerment for people of determination”, noting that manufacturing Sunflower lanyards will take place inside ZHO’s Bahia Center, using environmentally-friendly materials and will include 3D printing wherever possible, a matter which will have a positive effect on sustainable development and the environment."

In November 2021, ZHO launched the "Sunflower" community initiative for hidden disabilities. People of determination with hidden disabilities choose to wear a Sunflower lanyard in public places to help the surrounding community understand their needs, deal with them kindly, and provide assistance for them. The initiative came in line with ZHO’s strategy to make Abu Dhabi a friendly city to people of determination, aiming to educate community members to identify people of determination with hidden disabilities. The initiative covers all hidden disabilities including specific learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, and communication disorders.

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About the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is an internationally recognised initiative that aims to improve the lives of individuals with hidden disabilities. The Sunflower is a discreet yet powerful symbol, allowing individuals to indicate they have a hidden disability, condition or health condition and receive appropriate support and understanding from businesses, organisations, and the wider community. Since its inception, the program has garnered widespread support and recognition, fostering a more inclusive and understanding society for individuals with hidden disabilities.

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