Leaves on tree
Dementia is affecting more and more people, with currently 850,000 living with the disease in the UK. The chances are you know somebody affected by it, directly or indirectly. People living with dementia have been particularly badly affected by the pandemic, with many people cut off from their families and having those all-important visits halted, which many have found distressing.
The following poem, along with many others, forms part of 'Hidden Disabilities and me' an anthology of poems written by people with hidden disabilities. For every book of poems sold we're donating a £1 to Alzheimer's Society - South East England

Home Visit

by Dave Butler

Mind has its winter. After the slow release -
the erosion of wind through yellow-leaf -
a twilight time. Dante missed these shades
whom Charon left, these souls of sand, blown
grain by grain across the Styx. Down
the long labyrinth of yesteryears
a dim realm is ruled by forgetfulness
the senescent fluorescence cannot lift.
Yet there is winter sun here. Watch
the haloed dome of that old woman’s hair-
thin as a dandelion-clock when a child’s
puff puts its question. Were it put now,
that puff would set her thoughts like thistledown
adrift on the still and nebulous afternoon.'