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Stroke with Hayette Wilkinson

By Hidden Disabilities Sunflower The Sunflower Conversations Share

This podcast was recorded as an Instagram Live.

"Initially, I thought it was my fault that I had a severe stroke. No, I was just very unlucky. And when I found out that I had a lot of brain aneurysms, four in my brain, it’s because I suffer from polycystic kidney disease. That happens quite often, because it’s genetic. And then one of them burst because I suffer from hypertension, and a lot of people in my family suffer from it."


Hayette is a mother, wife and stroke survivor.  Aged 32 Hayette experienced a severe stroke called a subarachnoid haemorrhage, followed by an ischaemic stroke a few days later. A subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) is a life-threatening type of stroke, caused by bleeding into the space surrounding the brain.

Our conversation covers the journey Hayette has been on and the impacts the strokes had on her cognitive and physical abilities. Her work, her relationships and her ability to resume work.

Hayette is a survivor in every sense of the word, and this makes for a fantastic conversation.

If you are experiencing any issues discussed in this podcast, please contact your healthcare practitioner.

For support:

Download the full transcript here.

Hosted by Chantal Boyle, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

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The Sunflower Conversations is a podcast that delves into different non-visible health conditions to enable the listener to learn more about the causes and symptoms and the physical and social impacts that can occur. The conversations are with Sunflower wearers who share their lived experience of disability and who give a walkthrough of the ups and downs that are personal to them.

We also talk to healthcare professionals and charity experts who deliver an overview of specific disabilities and offer advice and signposting for support. If you are experiencing any issues discussed in this podcast, please contact your healthcare practitioner.

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