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Brain injury with Holly Tyrer and Scott Casson-Rennie, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

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" are right when you say the brain it's the most complex organ in our body and everybody is affected differently. No concussion, brain injury of any type, aneurysm, everyone's going to be affected differently."

We are joined by our colleagues Holly Tyrer, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower USA, and Scott Casson-Rennie Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Ireland. It is Holly’s 4th anniversary of her brain injury and Scott’s first anniversary of his Aneurysm.

The brain is at the heart of our every action and thought, and so we talk about how their TBIs occured, the effects that they have had on their lives, and their health journeys so far.

If you are experiencing any issues discussed in this podcast please contact your GP or healthcare practitioner.

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Hosted by Chantal Boyle, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.
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Download the full transcript HERE

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