How can you help?

We’re often asked, “How can I help raise awareness of the Sunflower?” However big or small, your help moves us closer to a society where people recognise that a person of determination who has chosen to wear the Sunflower is living with a hidden disability and that an offer of help, understanding and kindness can make a huge difference to their daily experiences.

Our wearers, members and supporters are the voice of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, and we have put together four ways you can get the word out!

1. The digital Sunflower | 2. Things to download and share | 3. Share your Sunflower stories | 4. Wear 'I support the Sunflower'



The digital Sunflower

We all meet and communicate online - whether it is to catch-up with friends and family, for work, or for appointments. How can we make sure this digital world supports Sunflower wearers?  When you choose to highlight on an email, your profile or in your online meetings, that you have a hidden disability, or if you want to show your support for the Sunflower, consider using the badges or meeting backgrounds below:

Email and support digital badge (right-click or control-click the image to download)

Hidden Disabilities badge

Support badge

These graphics are for the digital uses mentioned only - for any other purpose, please contact [email protected]

Meeting backgrounds (right-click or control-click the image to download)

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower meeting background

Support meeting background

These graphics are for the digital uses mentioned only - for any other purpose, please contact [email protected]


Things to download and share

Download, print and display information about the Sunflower in your window, your community, your workplace.

Awareness posters


hidden Disabilities Sunflower poster wit Sunflower lanyard       




Awareness card

A business card to help explain what the Sunflower is for. Print it out and fold it along the dotted line so you can carry it with you!

What is the Sunflower? card    Sheet with multiple Sunflower cards


Share your Sunflower stories

While it’s easy to feel that your story can’t possibly make a meaningful difference, the truth is that it can influence individuals and the wider community. Whether you or someone you care about has a non-visible disability and wears the Sunflower, you can empower others living with a non-visible disability and encourage people to support them by sharing your experience.

Check out the Sunflower Conversations and if they have an impact on you, share them with your friends and family.

If you want to share your experience, get in touch with us by emailing us here.



Show you support the Sunflower with our 'I support the Sunflower' lanyard or pin badge

Wear your ‘I support the Sunflower’ lanyard or pin badge with pride so that people know that you understand what the Sunflower lanyard is and that you support people of determination.