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The Sunflower Conversations

The Sunflower Conversations are where we explore the experiences of people living with non-visible disabilities and their families, friends and carers, through the prism of their relationship with the Sunflower.

In a world where it can be hard to feel like your story matters, we want to give you a space to share your experience. Whether you or someone you care about wears the Sunflower, we hope that by giving voice to these experiences, we can empower others and encourage more people to support people with invisible disabilities. If you want to share your experience, get in touch with us by emailing us here

Mental Health with Sandy Kaur, Sehhat

Mental Health with Sandy Kaur, Sehhat

        "Grounding is a technique which is used a lot for when you're struggling, potentially with anxiety. It's grounding yourself in that moment. It's what do you hear, what do you smell, what can you...
  1. Austim and ADHD Clare and Matilda Kemp
  2. Optic Nerve Glioma with Karina Smith and Michelle Culbert
  3. Eating Disorders, Autism and ADHD with Adam Fare
  4. Learning Disabilities with Dorothy Watson and Marcus Tanner, The Sunnybank Trust
  5. Eating Disorders with Zoe Summers, BEAT UK
  6. Stroke with Hayette Wilkinson
  7. Autism and the Sunflower with William Vanderpuye
  8. Perimenopause and Menopause with Dr Louise Newson
  9. Autism with Maddie White
  10. Perimenopause and Menopause with Fay Durrant
  11. Rett Syndrome with Beth Johnsson
  12. Mental Health with Sandy Kaur, Sehhat
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