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March 2024

3 December 2023

ZHO produces Sunflower lanyards for Bahrain International Airport

3 December 2023

ZHO manufactures Sunflower lanyards in the GCC

31 November 2023

Preston Football Club

Life at Next | 1 November 2023

Diversity & Inclusion Matters Within The Workplace, Here's Why.

Metrolinx riders with non-apparent special needs will now have the option of pinning on the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to signal ..


All Home Care Matters | 31 October 2023

Conscious Caregiving with L & L "Seniors and Travelling"

.com/ Dementia Action Alliance: Lynn Smith: HD Sunflower Program Director US Lynn Smith has been involved with the Sunflower program for the last three years, creating awareness, managing products and distribution, and helping companies implement


Direct Access Consultancy Group | 23 October 2023

Direct Access supports Hidden Disability Sunflower

As an accessibility consultancy that employs many disabled people, Direct Access Group created this video in support of the Sunflower..

Direct Access is a global leader in providing four essential accessibility services integral to realising disability rights in society; Accessibility and Barrier-Free Consultancy for buildings and facilities, Accessible Formats and Media, and Accessible Products.

Find out more here

YouTube | 20 October 2023

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

Get to know Bayley House and its Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program, which aims to support people with non-obvious disabilities..

YouTube | 21 September 2023

British Airways | World Alzheimer’s Day

Su8jnflowet Member British Airways is working with Alzheimer’s Society to help make travel accessible for everyone.

In this video, hear more from British Airways customers and our Chairman and CEO, Sean Doyle, as they share their personal stories of living with and supporting loved ones with dementia.

Psyche | September 2023

My Experience in the Airport as a Sunflower Lanyard Wearer

A sunflower lanyard indicates subtly that the wearer has an invisible disability, something that is unseen, for example, autism, anxiety, or in my case, schizophrenia. When the opportunity arose for me to go to New York, I was immediately concerned about how I would handle the travel aspect of it, specifically the airports....

Head Topics| 30 July 2023

Isabella finds leaving the house 'very overwhelming'. Here's how wearing a sunflower has helped

Millions of Australians have non-visible disabilities. A sunflower-themed initiative is aiming to make day-to-day activities easier and ...
... important addition to the Greek-Australian's kit is her Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard, which she says has made her feel "more ...


YouTube | 4 July 2020

University of Southampton Student Union

Not all disabilities are visible. Be kind, respectful and never assume.