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Registered blind with Claire Sisk

By Hidden Disabilities Sunflower The Sunflower Conversations Share

"So the bulk of my vision is in the top left corner of my eyes. On both eyes, it's exactly the same. But I have fragmented pieces around. So I could be in the kitchen doing something, and drop something on the floor, but I might be able to see it because it's right in that spot that I've got a bit of vision. If it's not, then I'm on my hands and knees looking for it."

Claire has retinal dystrophy and is registered blind. Claire's sight loss began following two strokes she had at age 29 and she had to learn how to navigate in a sighted world.

Claire uses her Instagram account CanSeeCantSee to raise awareness of what daily life with sight loss is like and offers support and advice. Her work has recently been acknowledged with Best Social Media Impact of the Year award from RNIB as well as appearing on TV show Steph’s Packed Lunch .

Claire explains what it was like to slowly lose her sight and what adjustments she has made at home to continue to run the house and do all the chores. We also discuss accessible make up as well as the perceived barriers to employment.

For support

If you are experiencing any of the issues discussed in this podcast, contact your GP or healthcare practitioner.

Hosted by Chantal Boyle, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

Want to share your story? email [email protected]

Download the transcript here.

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