Darren Carew was a career solider in the Army until an accident occurred which would change his life forever. In this conversation Darren explains how his whole world was turned upside down by the accident which has left him an amputee with a mild brain trauma, dyscalculia and PTSD. We talk about the impact his conditions have had on him and his family.

Darren has since gone on to forge a new career as Disability Rugby Coordinator with the Welsh Rugby Union Group. He works with all ages in the community and puts inclusion at the heart of everything he does.

In Darren’s own words “I’m 100% a better person for my experiences.”

You can find out more disability projects that Darren by contacting him on Twitter @DisRugbyDC

The NHS advise that if you or your child are experiencing problems after a traumatic experience, or if the symptoms are particularly troublesome you should contact your GP.

Hosted by Paul Shriever and Chantal Boyle, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.