We are thrilled to announce that Sofology have joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. Sofology is committed to providing all of their customers with an in-store experience that works for them, helping them feel at home in their stores.

As a responsible retailer dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences for our customers, Sofology is passionate about ensuring each of their stores is a safe and inclusive environment for all so all of their customers should be able to find a sofa they love, and to find one in a way that works for them.

Not all disabilities are visible - some, like autism, chronic pain, dementia, anxiety and visual or hearing impairments, are not immediately obvious and make life more demanding for many people. By joining the Sunflower network.

Ahead of the launch, all Sofolgy staff have taken the Sunflower training to increase awareness of non-visibilities and support colleagues and Sunflower wearers who visit their stores.

A calmer shopping experience

Sofologist Simeon Smyth’s daughter was diagnosed autistic two years ago. The decision to join the Sunflower started as a result of an in-store conversation between Simeon and the leadership team. Simeon has championed this project as in-store shopping is one of the biggest challenges for her daughter.

Describing the project as helpful for colleagues and customers alike, Simeon said:

“Sofology wants to ensure that we have an inclusive environment for both colleagues & customers. Lots of work is being done behind the scenes to ensure that our colleagues have awareness training, as well as ensuring that our stores can provide a calmer shopping environment for those with hidden disabilities and their families. 

I'm really excited that Sofology is involved with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network, as it is now becoming widely recognised around the world.” 


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