Port Vale Supporters Club have provided all the stewards at Port Vale Football Club with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower training and ‘Can I help you badges’ to help supporters with non-visible disabilities.

Vale fan Chris Wardle is championing the Sunflower in conjunction with the football club because not all supporters' issues are obvious, fans can wear the Sunflower badge or lanyard to let stewards know they may need support or just a little more time.

Chris said: “I feel that disability should never be the reason you don’t go to football. That’s been picked up by the Supporters’ Club and they have funded this scheme to make the stewards more aware of people with disabilities and difficulties, both visible and non-visible.

It will give people more confidence to come to games. For example, I wear two hearing aids that you might not notice. I know of supporters with early onset Alzheimer’s. Coming to a football match can be good for them and evoke memories. But you have to be aware they could forget where their seat is or where to go and so on.

There are a huge number of people with things that you can’t see but causes them a problem. The (football) club have been really supportive. Stewards have been really responsive to the training and I can’t thank them enough.”

Meanwhile, the Supporters Club have partnered with Her Game Too in their campaign to end sexism in football.

Her Game Too is a non-profit organisation to champion women being welcomed and respected equally in football.

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