Sunflower Advocate crowned Miss Vermont’s Teen 2023

On April 16th, Ginger Ragaishis, was crowned Miss Vermont’s Teen 2023. Ginger has a learning disability and has used her platform to bring awareness to this often stigmatised hidden disability. She regularly gives presentations at elementary schools to explain to kids what a learning disability is and, for those who have a learning disability, she shares it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, Ginger calls it her Super Power! “Having a learning disability helps me think in ways that others do not. I know it makes school so much harder for me, but it also makes me more creative and helps me be more resilient because I like to think I have to endure a lot of things that others may not have to.” 

In addition to spreading awareness about learning disabilities, Ginger is also a proud Sunflower wearer and advocates for the Sunflower’s continued growth whenever she can. We are so proud of your achievements, Ginger, and look forward to cheering you on when you compete for Miss America Teen 2024!

Pittsburgh International airport

PIT is proud to support the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program. Many disabilities, such as autism, chronic pain, epilepsy, low vision, hearing loss, dementia, anxiety disorders, and brain injuries, are not immediately obvious to others. If you or someone you are travelling with has an invisible disability, you can choose to wear the Sunflower as a discreet way to indicate to airport staff that you may need some additional support when going through the airport processes.

Sunflower lanyards, bracelets, and pins are available free of charge pre-security at the landside information desk and post-security at the airside information desk. Requests for an identifier to be shipped in advance can be made at [email protected]

Allegheny County airport

In their mission to go further for all, Allegheny County airport want to make the travel experience less stressful for people with unseen disabilities such as autism, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder and dementia. Passengers can now pick up a Sunflower lanyard, pin or bracelet at the airport information desk to let staff know that person may need extra help during their airport experience.