Keep on moving!

More Leisure is a charitable trust consisting of 12 leisure centres that have joined the Sunflower network in and around Birmingham and the timing couldn’t be more apt as they launched during the Paralympic Games!

Exercise in any form is such an important aspect to having good health and we are delighted that More Leisure Community Trust have invested their time to take our training and made a commitment to support Sunflower wearers with invisible disabilities that visit their leisure centres. At their Basingstoke Leisure Centre, they have also introduced a buddy system. Coming into the Leisure Centre for the first time, or coming back after a while, can be a little overwhelming; this is why their Activity Buddy Scheme is open to anyone who feels they would benefit from coming in with a friend when using the gym or going for a swim. By bringing together people who would like to come in with a friend and people who want to be that friend, they are hoping to alleviate any worries about exercising alone and improve everyone’s wellbeing. Find out more about the Active Buddy Scheme here



Shooters Hill Golf Club, situated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, adopted the Sunflower during September. Members and guests with an invisible disability can wear the Sunflower when playing the course to indicate to staff that they may require some extra support, understanding or a little more time. Shooters Hill said: "Shooters Hill Golf Club are pleased to announce that we are the first golf club to adopt the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to help support and raise awareness of those living with a hidden disability.  Under the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme, people with such disabilities can choose to wear the sunflower logo as a subtle way of letting others know they may require additional support, assistance or a bit more time. From today, the Sunflower lanyards, wristbands and pins are available to any member or guest from our entrance hall."

Harrogate Convention Centre, one of the UK's leading events spaces, is now Sunflower friendly. The venue holds a plethora of events throughout the year, from concerts and entertainment shows to large scale exhibitions. When you next attend an event here make sure to take your Sunflower with you to indicate to event staff that you may need support, understanding or a little more time.