We are delighted the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is joining the the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program.  This program allows their staff to identify those in need of an extra level of customer service by use of a sunflower lanyard or bracelet and to ensure a positive travel experience to all of our passengers at MSY. While the Sunflower does provide a discreet signal to employees, wearing a lanyard does not guarantee fast tracking through security or any preferential TSA treatment. Passengers are encouraged to arrange any special assistance needed with their airline or TSA Cares.

Nancy Gaden, Customer Experience, New Orleans Aviation Board at MSY says "Customers have told us how much they appreciate our offering this program at MSY for either themselves or a family member. It has helped to make what might be a stressful situation, one that is much more manageable and diminishes the wearer’s anxiety level.  We work closely with TSA to help the customer have a smoother experience when going through security."

Sunflower lanyards and wristlets are available free of charge for travelers at the Customer Service Desk, located on Level 1 between Doors 2 and 3.