We are delighted to announce that Liverpool John Lennon Airport has joined the Sunflower to support passengers with non-visible disabilities. 

"The Sunflower lanyard has been widely used by travellers using the airport for some time as awareness of the scheme has increased. Liverpool airport decided to formally join the programme as we found that widespread recognition across the UK, not just in the travel industry, means that recognition of the Sunflower lanyard amongst colleagues and passengers helps us to identify passengers who may need our help and answer questions that they may have."

LIverpool John Lennon Airport provide Sunflower lanyards to assist passengers through Security, either independently or with help from assistance service partners. The lanyards are not a Fast Track ticket through security, but are designed to assist passengers through the process as smoothly as possible.

If you would like a Sunflower Lanyard, please contact [email protected] with your flight number and date of departure.