We are delighted that Air New Zealand is the first airline in Oceania to adopt the Sunflower!

Air New Zealand are committed to helping their passengers travel with ease - from mobility assistance to navigating airports and aircraft with a disability.

Air New Zealand recognises that airports and aircraft can be unfamiliar and sometimes daunting places which can be stressful if you have a disability not immediately obvious to others. So alongside the assistance they already have in place to support disabled people, they are introducing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. 

Air New Zealand Chief People Officer Nikki Dines said working alongside Auckland Airport to support the recognition of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard will ensure customers who need more support will have a more seamless and less stressful travel experience.

“The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard is such a great way to help our people and customers connect to ensure a great journey and signal some customers may need extra assistance. As the world opens back up, we want all customers to feel supported to travel.”

Air New Zealand staff are being trained to recognise the design and understand that those choosing to wear it may need some extra help. They are learning how to approach and support them through your journey.