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White sunflower supporter lanyard. Lanyard has 'Proud to support the sunflower' written on it.

Supporter Deluxe Pack

Supporter Lanyard with Card, Cover & Badge


Curated for Sunflower Members, this "I support the Sunflower" pack is intended for colleagues to highlight that they recognise the Sunflower and fully understand its meaning to support people with invisible disabilities. 

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This pack includes:

  • x1 85cm Sunflower supporter lanyard with a quality metal clip and a safety break at the back of the neck
  • x1 Sunflower Supporter card that is waterproof and made with 100% recyclable material
  • x1 Clear plastic cover to protect your card
  • x1 30mm diameter stainless steel pin badge with a butterfly clip on back

The text on the front of the Sunflower card reads:

  • I support the Sunflower

The text on the back of the Sunflower card reads:

  • The Sunflower is a simple way for an individual to choose to indicate that they have a disability or condition that may not be immediately obvious to you - and that they may require a bit more support, understanding or time