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Front and back view of a Sunflower condition card with text on the back of the card, portrait of a person, disability icons and a Sunflower lanyard inset under the card.

Welsh Sunflower card - Make it yours

Sunflower card in Dutch

Dutch Pack

Arabic Pack


Are you visiting an Arabic speaking country?

You can embrace hassle-free travel with this pack, designed to empower you whilst travelling and ensure you have received the support you need.

Travel with ease and confidence as the translated card ensures you can communicate your needs clearly. Attaches seamlessly to the provided sunflower lanyard, a recognisable symbol of hidden disabilities.

Along with the ID card, we provide a pin badge that can be worn on your clothing or bag. The pin badge acts as a visible indicator, promoting awareness and understanding. It also includes your emergency contact details, so that you have peace of mind throughout your journey.

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Pack includes:

  • A Sunflower lanyard
  • ID card to indicate you have an invisible disability in Arabic
  • Rigid plastic wallet
  • 5 'What is the Sunflower' cards to give away or show to people, written in their own language, as to the purpose of the Sunflower and how to support its wearer
  • Sunflower pin badge

The lanyard is made from recycled PET material with a degradable plastic safety break

The text on the Sunflower card reads:-

I have an invisible disability I may need some help, assistance or a little more time.

My name is

With my consent or in an emergency please contact:


The text on the 'What is the Sunflower?' card reads:-

Not all disabilities are visible - some are not obvious

People choose to wear the Sunflower to discreetly indicate that they have an invisible disability and may need help, assistance or simply more time.

  1. Ask if you can help
  2. Be kind
  3. Listen closely
  4. Have patience
  5. Do not judge
  6. Show respect