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Autistic ID Card & Lanyard with Cover

Autistic ID Card & Lanyard with Cover

Image of the 'What is the sunflower?' information card. The front of the card says 'Not every disability is visible. Some are just not obvious.'

Pack of 10 'What is the Sunflower?' Cards

Lanyard with Fidget Toy


Introducing the sensory bubble popper that attaches to the Sunflower Lanyard. This innovative and engaging product is designed to keep you busy, de-stress, and allows you to experience moments of calm wherever you go.

The Sensory Bubble Popper is a compact and portable device that combines the satisfying tactile sensation of bubble popping with the convenience of attaching it to your Sunflower lanyard. This package includes two different lengths of lanyard, providing options based on your preferences.

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This pack includes:

  • x1 8cm Fidget toy. Recommended use age is 3yrs +
  • x1 85cm Standard lanyard with a quality metal trigger clip
  • x1 70cm Small lanyard with a quality metal trigger clip
The lanyard is made from recycled PET material with a degradable plastic safety break