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Image of the 'What is the sunflower?' information card. The front of the card says 'Not every disability is visible. Some are just not obvious.'

Pack of 10 'What is the Sunflower?' Cards

Picture of two green keyrings, and a green lanyard all printed with yellow sunflowers

Wearer Keyring & Lanyard Pack

Retractable ID Card Holder & Pin Badge


This Sunflower retractable badge holder is a great alternative to hanging your Sunflower ID badge on a lanyard. It is ideal if you have a sensory condition and cannot wear a lanyard around your neck. It can be hooked onto your clothes safely, and without causing any damage.

The circular pin badge is another option to indicate you have an invisible disability. The compact size makes it convenient to wear daily and allows you to discreetly express the support you may need.

Please note: This pack does not include a Sunflower ID card.

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This pack includes:

  • x1 Retractable 60cm ID card holder with a metal clip hook, and strong cord
  • x1 Rigid heavy-duty plastic ID card holder
  • x1 Circular 30mm pin badge emblazoned with the Sunflower

Please note: 

  • The rigid plastic ID card holder is sized to fit the personalized Sunflower card.  If you are using a standard Sunflower card (non-personalized ones), you will need to cut off the 'slot' for this to fit in the holder.
  • This pack does not include a Sunflower ID card.