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White sunflower car air freshener with the text 'I support the sunflower' on it hanging in a car.

Car Air Freshener

Green with sunflowers seatbelt cover on seatbelt.

Sunflower seatbelt cover

National Highways Sunflower - use ONTHEROAD to get it for FREE


National Highways traffic officers are often first on scene in an emergency on England's motorways and major A-roads. Displaying the Sunflower sticker or magnet on the rear of your vehicle will indicate to traffic officers that you or someone in your vehicle has a non-visible disability. 

The Sunflower for your vehicle is free to road users in England.

You can order ONE free Sunflower for your vehicle. The Sunflower comes as a sticker or a magnet. Once you've chosen which one suits you best, simply use the discount code ONTHEROAD for free shipping of your National Highways Sunflower to your door.

Click here to find out more about how the Sunflower means National Highways can support you if when you break down or need assistance on a motorway or a major A-road in England.

This item is not for resale. 

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Dimension: 75mm diameter
Composition: Self-adhesive vinyl with reflective properties
Use: External use, The sticker should be applied to the external surface of your vehicle window. The back of the sticker peels off to reveal the sticky side.

Dimension: 75mm diameter
Composition: Printed magnetic vinyl with reflective properties
Use: Exterior use. The magnet should be applied to the external metal surface of your vehicle. 

If you have lost or require an additional Sunflower sticker or magnet for your vehicle, you can purchase them here