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Picture of two green keyrings, and a green lanyard all printed with yellow sunflowers

Wearer Keyring & Lanyard Pack

Carer Card with Lanyard & Cover


Are you a caregiver? Show that you care for and support someone with a non-visible disability and stand out with the Sunflower caregiver's card, a Sunflower lanyard and protective card covering.

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This pack includes:

  • x1 85cm standard Sunflower lanyard with a quality metal trigger
  • x1 Sunflower caregiver ID card that is waterproof and 100% recyclable
  • x1 Protective clear cover for your card

The lanyard is made from recycled PET material with a degradable plastic safety break

The text on the back of the Sunflower card reads:

  • Their first name
  • Their family or guardian contact
  • Their family or guardian number
  • Their special assistance needs