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ADHD ID Card & Lanyard with Cover

ADHD ID Card & Lanyard with Cover

Autistic ID Card & Lanyard with Cover

Autistic ID Card & Lanyard with Cover

Anxiety ID Card & Lanyard with Cover


A card that clips onto your Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard to indicate that you have anxiety and may need some support, understanding or more time.

This package has the option of two different lengths of lanyard, small or standard length. Providing options based on your preferences.

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Front of card reads:  I have anxiety

Back of card reads:  I may be nervous or overwhelmed and find it difficult to communicate.  I may have physical symptoms such as trouble breathing, dizziness or sickness.  Pleast be patient, talk calmly and ask how you can help me.

Pack includes: 

  • x1 Standard 85cm or small 70cm Sunflower lanyard with a quality metal trigger clip
  • x1 Anxiety ID card that is waterproof with 100% recyclable material
  • x1 Protective clear cover for your card