Our Sunflower

by Brier-Rain Merrymead

Standing in a crowded room, unable
to move, is incredibly scary to me

Unbeknownst to other people I have a lot of anxiety
which in this environment does not help
Not knowing what could happen triggers it and
makes me stressed, worried and scared

For a long time people have seen me as someone who
is just scared of everything and anything
Little did they know

Once my mother found out about the Hidden Diasabilites
Sunflower we were immediately
interested and ended up getting lanyards for our
whole neurodivergent family

We were all so excited when they arrived in the post!
Finally we can be recognised for who we
really are and not hide our hidden disabilities anymore

Every time i’ve gone out to somewhere busy i’ve been
wearing my lanyard and I have received
the help I need

Remember to keep an eye out for the sunflower,
and offer support where you think it
may be needed

©Brier-Rain Merrymead