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Our Sunflower Members can embed the training videos onto their intranet (or a website that is only accessible to their employees), allowing their employees to watch the Sunflower training directly from their site.

Any future changes we make to the Sunflower training videos will automatically apply to the videos they have embedded. They will not need to re-embed our videos.

To initiate the process, the client must first sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and provide the URL where the videos are to be embedded. Following that, Sunflower confidently whitelists the client's URL to ensure a seamless experience.

An NDA is available for each region in SharePoint under 003 Clients > [Select your region] > 000 - Useful Docs. For any questions about the NDA content, please contact Rob Kelly or Annette Cmela.

What is video embedding?

Video embedding is adding a video from a different hosting platform to their website. The main purpose of embedding videos is to allow their employees to view them without having to leave their intranet website. 

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • If an error message appears in the embedded player, please check that we have the correct URL and it has been whitelisted in Vimeo.

  • The styling of their webpage can influence the size and position of the player iframe. If they are setting the dimensions in the embed code correctly, but the Vimeo player is displaying differently, we suggest checking your webpage builder to see if any additional formatting is being applied to the player iframe.

  • Videos can not be embedded in Microsoft PowerPoint or any other documents. 
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