In a groundbreaking move for disability inclusion in Panama, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is delighted to announce Fundación Oír es Vivir has joined the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. This marks a significant milestone as the first organization in Panama to advocate for and support people with non-visible disabilities through this international initiative.

Recognised globally, the Sunflower lanyard is a symbol that provides a discreet way for individuals with non-visible disabilities to show that they may need additional support, help, or a little more time.

Flavia Callafange, Regional Director Latam, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, commented.

"Fundación Oír ess Vivir's decision to become the first organisation in Panama to join the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative marks a transformative step towards inclusivity and understanding within our community. Their commitment sets a powerful example for others to follow, illustrating how organisations can profoundly impact individuals with hidden disabilities by recognizing their needs and fostering an environment of support and empathy,"

Since its inception in 2008 by Dr. Cynthia Guy, motivated by personal experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those with hearing impairments, Fundación Oír es Vivir has been at the forefront of offering comprehensive audiological services. The foundation, under the leadership of President Giovanna Troncoso, has expanded its reach to provide vital support to those affected by hearing loss across the nation, including rural and indigenous communities.

Sandra Sanchez, Executive Director Oír es Vivir, says:

"Joining Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a step forward in our continuous effort to break down barriers and ensure that every individual, regardless of their disability, is recognized, valued, and supported in every aspect of society. We are excited to pave the way in Panama for greater awareness and inclusion of people with non-visible disabilities."

The foundation will distribute the Sunflower lanyards, a discreet signifier of an invisible disability, thereby fostering a more inclusive and understanding society in Panama. Joining Hidden Disabilities Sunflower not only highlights the foundation's dedication to inclusivity but also sets a precedent for other organisations in Panama to follow suit. Fundación Oír es Vivir invites businesses, educational institutions, and the wider community to join in making Panama a leader in disability inclusion.

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