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Hidden Disabilities hand sanitiser bottle and green neoprene sleeve which has a sunflower in the middle of it.

Hand Sanitiser Bottle & Neoprene Sleeve

Mini Sticker Sheet & Vehicle Sticker


Sunflower stickers!

One large one for your vehicle to show that the driver or a passenger has an invisible disability and may need some additional support, understanding or more time.

And the others - some small vivid and bright Sunflower stickers to use where you wish!

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This pack includes:

  • Ten sheets of ten Sunflower stickers
  • One 75mm Circular Sunflower car sticker.

Features of Sunflower vehicle sticker:

  • Vinyl material with reflective properties

Application and removal:

  • For external use only, apply at the window or rear of your vehicle, where it can be easily seen, in a position that won't obscure view when driving.
  • Remove by applying a 70% alcohol solution (e.g. hand sanitiser)

Warning! If applied to bodywork of vehicle, may cause discoloration