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Green with sunflowers seatbelt cover on seatbelt.

Sunflower seatbelt cover

Sunflower luggage tag on a brown suitcase.

Luggage Tag

Luggage Strap & Address Tag


Do you need support, understanding or simply more time as you travel? Instantly pick out your luggage with our Sunflower luggage strap and indicate to others that the owner of this piece of luggage has a non-visible disability and may need some extra time, care, patience or assistance. This heavy-duty Luggage Strap gives extra protection and prevents your suitcase from accidentally opening during rough transit.

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  • Fits suitcases from 18” to 32” either across or longways. Also fits duffel bags, backpacks or even connecting 2 pieces of luggage.
  • Easy to use: With the quick-release buckle, customs officers can easily unclasp the strap for inspection, no need to worry about cutting the strap.
  • Privacy identification tags included to protect your privacy, your name and your other personal information will be perfectly hidden by the cover.  


Adjustable Strap length: adjustable from 120cm to 180cm.

Belt width: 4cm