Every April, millions of people around the world mark Earth Day to show support for the environment, highlighting the urgent action we need to take to save our planet. As the climate crisis becomes ever more serious, each Earth Day that comes along takes on extra significance.

Here at Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, we are accutely aware of the action that we all need to take to save our planet. While raising awareness and supporting people with invisible disabilities will always be our priority, we also care about the environment and ensure our suppliers are responsible with sustainable business practices.

Through our printing partner, Tabbers Green, the CO2 emissions from the materials used to create the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower cards and products are calculated via the Carbon Capture Scheme. The CO2 emissions are then offset through the replanting of trees in UK woodland via the Woodland Trust. In the year 2020, 80 trees were donated and planted through this environmental scheme, creating native woodland in the UK, providing habitats for wildlife and green spaces for all to enjoy.

How does the Carbon Capture Scheme work?

  • The average amount of CO2 emitted from the manufacture of the paper for the Sunflower ID cards is calculated
  • This calculation is then verified by the Woodland Trust using Carbon Trust and DEFRA figures
  • For every tonne of paper used, a native woodland tree is donated by Tabbers Green.

Rob Henry, Environment Officer at Tabbers Green said:

‘We are delighted to provide the Sunflower products to support people with hidden disabilities.  Tabbers Green ensure our manufacturing processes have as little impact on the environment as possible by using vegetable based inks, recycled and recyclable materials.  The materials used for the Sunflower are fully recyclable and are also part of our carbon capture scheme, to mitigate the CO2 emissions produced in the production process.  In 2020 we have donated 80 trees to the Woodland Trust on behalf of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and look forward to joining them in planting these trees once COVID restrictions allow.’

Karen Canavan, Premier Paper Account Manager, said:

‘The Sunflower is an amazing initiative.  As a mother of a child with a hidden disability, I have seen the benefit the Sunflower can provide.  I am thrilled to be supporting the Sunflower through providing the materials as part of the Tabbers Green carbon capture scheme’.

Every single person who has purchased a Sunflower card has contributed towards the amount of trees planted and can be confident that the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is doing it's part to ensure we are an eco friendly organisation.