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Type 1 Diabetes with Emma Cathro

By Hidden Disabilities Sunflower The Sunflower Conversations Share


“But you can end up in a coma if your sugar levels are too high because your body just can't function with so much sugar.”

We are joined by Sunflower Friend - Emma Cathro. Emma has recently graduated with a First Class Honours in German and Sociology at the University of Aberdeen and is now a research associate. Emma has type 1 diabetes and shares her story of living life with the condition.

We cover the main symptoms and what to look out for prior to getting a diagnosis. Emma explains her daily routine of how she ensures that she maintains safe levels of insulin and the technology she uses to do that.


If you are experiencing any issues discussed in this podcast please contact your GP or healthcare practitioner.

For support

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, JDRF

Diabetes UK


FreeStyle Libre glucose sensor

Hosted by Chantal Boyle, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

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