One of Brazil's greatest tourist attractions,  Sugarloaf Mountain, has become a participant in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program.

Every year, approximately 1.5 million people visit the stations of Praia Vermelha, Morro da Urca, and Sugarloaf Mountain, making it one of the most visited postcards in the country and the world.

The Sugarloaf Mountain cable car in the Urca neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, connects Praia Vermelha to Morro da Urca and Sugarloaf Mountain. It is one of the city's main tourist attractions. The initial stretch of the cable car between Praia Vermelha and Morro da Urca was inaugurated on October 27, 1912. Since then, it has transported approximately 37 million people, with an average of 2,500 visitors per day.

The name "Sugarloaf" comes from the resemblance of the cable car cabins to the trams that circulated in Rio de Janeiro at the time of its inauguration.

As a participant in the Sunflower Project, Sugarloaf Mountain aims to offer a more inclusive experience to all visitors. The Sunflower Lanyard symbolizes that its holders may require additional assistance, ensuring a supportive and respectful environment. We are committed to promoting accessibility and warmly welcoming everyone who visits this iconic destination.

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