Darlington is a Sunflower friendly destination

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower invited Darlington Council to pilot becoming a Sunflower friendly destination. As well as training their staff, they have encouraged businesses throughout the town to undertake our Hidden Disabilities Sunflower training.

Stores in Darlington will display a window sticker which says that the Sunflower lanyard is recognised there, making it even easier for those with invisible disabilities to seek out support.

Sunflower wearers can look forward to their day out knowing that so many businesses have joined the ever-expanding network, meaning a far greater number of people are becoming aware of the Sunflower.

The council drummed up tons of excitement on launch day, a gigantic Sunflower floated through the town talking to the young and old and a special squad of knitters 'yarn bombed' the town with brightly coloured flowers to bring some joy to all.

Game, set and match

Wimbledon makes it's return this week! If you're lucky enough to of secured a ticket to watch the tennis, you'll be pleased to hear that the All England Tennis Club recognises the Sunflower so you will be supported during your visit to watch the Championship.

The beautiful game

Staying with sport, Aston Villa became the latest football club to sign up to the scheme. As part of the club’s All In commitment to make Villa Park an inclusive and welcoming environment, they launched the Sunflower when they welcomed the return of supporters at their Premier League fixture against Chelsea back in May. Villa Park strives to make everyone feel independent and secure while in and around their stadium, safe in the knowledge that you can find help and support should you need it.

All aboard

During June we added two more rail networks to the Sunflower. Both London Northwestern and West Midlands Railway have completed training their staff enabling more wearers to travel with confidence. The Sunflower is recognised across the UK rail industry and London Northwestern and West Midlands Railway customers can pick up their free Sunflower lanyard from participating ticket offices. This is reassuring as we start to prepare for a UK summer getaway.