A place to shop

Queensgate Shopping Centre, in Peterborough, announces that they are backing the Sunflower lanyard to provide more help to visitors with hidden disabilities.

People with invisible conditions can collect and wear a lanyard from the popular destination’s customer service desks to signal that they may need more support during their visit.

The Sunflower acts as a discreet sign to staff that the wearer could require help or a little more time with things like finding their way around the centre or store and gaining access to a quiet space or close-by toilet facilities, due to conditions such as autism, dementia, or diabetes.

Katie Chapman, Marketing and Commercialisation Manager said:

“We are thrilled to be championing this initiative, as we want to ensure Queensgate is accessible to all and continue to show Queensgate as a destination for everyone”.

Paul White, CEO, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower said:

Queensgate Shopping Centre is a thriving retail, hospitality and leisure destination in the heart of Peterborough. By joining the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network, they create an inclusive and accessible space for their customers and staff with non-visible disabilities. Staff at Queensgate have taken our training to recognise Sunflower wearers and offer the support and understanding they require.”

The Sunflower launch at the Queensgate shopping cenrt

Queensgate Shopping Centre launched the Sunflower lanyard scheme during their Sunflower Garden May Half Term event.

Packed with engaging and interactive activities for children, this ‘blooming lovely’ event provided enjoyable and FREE fun for families during the school break. Queensgate Shopping Centre was transformed into four separate areas, each hosting a unique and entertaining activity throughout the week.

A place to study 

The Institute of Inner-City Learning (IICL) Birmingham & London Campuses, the University of Wales Trinity St David, has joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

IICL aims to expand the on-campus student and staff awareness of non-visible disabilities to encourage students to let staff know if they require support, understanding and/or more time.

By breaking down barriers and nurturing an inclusive environment, IICL hopes to improve the educational and overall student experience of individuals with a hidden disability.

Hana Jacobson, Disability Adviser said:

“UWTSD London & Birmingham have joined the Sunflower to break down barriers and nurture an inclusive environment, supporting students and staff”.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower logo on green lanyards, customised cards, pin badges, chest ribbons and lots more accessories indicate a non-visible disability and is a discreet way to make invisible disabilities visible.

An individual can voluntarily share that they have a disability that may not be immediately apparent – and that they may require support, understanding and/or more time.

Identifying with the Sunflower is optional and a personal choice and IICL students and staff can arrange a time to pick up a Sunflower lanyard or accessory from a member of the Birmingham or London Disability & Learning Support Team.

Learn more about the University of Wales Trinity St David

A place to fly from

Cornwall Airport Newquay is proud to announce they have become members of the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. They will provide passengers with non-visible disabilities free Sunflower lanyards, so they can discreetly identify themselves to airport staff, making it easier for them to receive the assistance they need.

The Sunflower was first introduced at London Gatwick Airport and has since been adopted by several airports worldwide. It lets passengers discreetly indicate that they require additional support, such as extra time to navigate the airport or assistance with check-in or security screening.

By providing Sunflower lanyards to passengers, Cornwall Airport Newquay aims to make the airport experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible for those with hidden disabilities. They have trained their terminal teams to recognise the Sunflower and provide the necessary support and assistance to those wearing it.

Three employees from cornwall airport stand under the airport sign. Once holds a bunch of Sunflowers

Kelly Jones, Passenger & Customer Services Manager, Cornwall Airport Newquay said:

We are committed to making travel accessible to all our customers, and we understand that for some people, travelling through an airport can be a stressful experience. We are proud to support the Sunflower and to be able to offer our passengers the additional support they may need to make their journey as comfortable as possible.”

Paul White, CEO, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower said:

We are delighted that Cornwall Airport Newquay has joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. Cornwall is a destination of outstanding beauty, and it is important that access to help, patience and understanding is open to passengers with non-visible disabilities so that they too can enjoy all that Cornwall has to offer.”

Passengers travelling through Cornwall Airport Newquay can request a Sunflower lanyard from the Information Desk Team.

A place to bank with

The exterior of a Skipton building society building

Skipton Building Society has joined the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower which is centred around helping disabled people access the support they need, regardless of whether their disability is visible or not.

Almost a quarter of the UK population have a disability, with 80% of these disabilities being invisible. This number is only set to increase due to our ageing population, many of whom makeup Skipton’s current or future customer base. As part of their membership, the Sunflower logo will be made prominent in all of Skipton’s 87 branches across the country, and all branch staff members will undertake training to ensure they are prepared and supported to answer any questions customers may have, or simply to have a better understanding of what it means when a customer is wearing the Sunflower.

Justine Shaw, Group Chief People Officer and Sponsor of the Accessibility Alliance, said:

“Being accessible for all of our customers and colleagues is at the heart of everything we do here at Skipton to design and create our customer and colleague experiences, to ensure we provide the best possible service for everyone.

We are delighted to announce the society is joining the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, to raise awareness and provide support for colleagues and customers who have non-visible health conditions and disabilities such as autism, dementia, or hearing impairments. This alongside the training each colleague in our 87 branches will be undertaking will ensure we are prepared and supported to answer any questions that customers may have, or simply to have a better understanding of what it means when a customer is wearing the Sunflower."

Paul White, CEO, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, said:

We welcome the news that Skipton Building Society has joined the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network to support its customers and staff. This will improve access to finance and advice for customers with non-visible disabilities who may find it difficult. Staff are trained to recognise Sunflower wearers and offer them the help and the considerations they require.”

An exhibition space 

ExCeL London have begun their accessibility journey by joining the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower!With so many different events taking place across a large footprint the Excel London team will utilise feedback from disabled people to improve visitor experience and disability inclusion.Hidden Disabilities Sunflower training is being rolled out to staff and the Sunflower-friendly team will make themselves identifiable by wearing the I support Sunflower pin badges.

A place to have fun 

During the month of June, the HDS team attended Parallel Windsor and sponsored the Sunflower Super Sensory 1K race. Our CEO, Paul White took part in the 10KM race. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower team had a stand during the event and spoke to lots of people. It was a great family day out. The highlight was the sensory bubbles provided by Dr Zigs, that are eco friendly and scented with lavender.