To celebrate World Autism Day on 2 April, the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, Netherlands & Belgium has organised three special events. In co-operation with Pathé Cinema’s we've created two behind the scenes experiences. These events include everything that a visit to the cinema would usually include but with the addition of a visit to the projection room. It's really important for Pathé that a visit to the cinema should be accessible to everyone, including people with hidden disabilities.

In addition to these special cinema events we are also hosting another Schiphol Autism Tour at Amsterdam Airport. Many autistic people and people with other hidden disabilities have already taken part in this tour which is designed to remove all the unfamiliarity at the airport and seeks to help people feel less anxious about flying. 

During March, we welcomed several new Sunflower members. These included, new theatres like International Theater Amsterdam and Luxor Theater Rotterdam. Dierenpark Amersfoort (Zoo) also became a Sunflower member, along with EYE Film museum and some more schools. Thanks to these organisations joining in March we have now reached a total of 200 Sunflower members and there are now 640 locations where the Sunflower is recognised across the Netherlands and Belgium.

Following a successful introduction of the Sunflower in the initial five McDonald’s restaurants in the Netherlands, Sunflower training will now be offered to colleagues from other other McDonald's in the region. We will announce which new McDonald's restaurants will recognise and support the Sunflower in the near future.

The Second airline of the Netherlands, Transavia, now supports the Sunflower and we are now officially mentioned on their website.