A place for care

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust became a member of the Sunflower.

The Trust aims to educate all Kingston Hospital staff on why someone, staff or patients, may wear a Sunflower lanyard or pin badge, what constitutes as a hidden disability and what can be done to help support them. The Trust hopes that by raising awareness and understanding of non-visible disabilities, they can create a culture of acceptance and compassion. Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust also hopes that this will encourage staff to feel secure in sharing their disabilities and in turn help to better identify the needs of their workforce or areas where things need to improve.

A place in the community

We are delighted that Pembrokeshire County Council has joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

Prior to launching the Sunflower, all council staff have undertaken the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower training and are ready to support their residents with non-visible disabilities. People with invisible disabilities can pick up a Sunflower lanyard at any of its 14 libraries or six leisure centres which are key hubs in communities, demonstrating their commitment to being accessible for all.

Jessica Hatchett, Pembrokeshire County Council’s Access Officer, said:

“Not all disabilities are immediately obvious and I’m really proud to have brought the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to Pembrokeshire County Council. The lanyards are available free of charge to anyone who feels they need one – and while they are bright and eye-catching, I want to ensure they are picked up by people who will wear them for a genuine reason. Staff also have the opportunity to raise their awareness of hidden disabilities by undertaking training on the Council’s intranet.”

A place with companions

Driving Miss Daisy have joined the Sunflower. Driving Miss Daisy provide safe and reliable assisted transportation & companionship services that empower people to get out and live life to the full. If you or a family member need a little extra compassion to move at your own pace; Driving Miss Daisy can give you independence and peace of mind.

Driving Miss Daisy has companion drivers nationwide and can individually tailor each journey to meet your needs. Whether you have any mobility issues or special medical requirements, their companion driving service is often seen as just a wheelchair taxi, but they offer much more than assisted transportation.

Driving Miss Daisy will assist you in and out of your home, accompanying you on routine appointments, holidays, day trips and companionship at home; they are family when family can’t be there.